Dreame is a collective of co-creators; with hundreds of artists and thousands of dreamers from around the world so far.

The dreamers have shared stories, memories, fantasies, songs, quotes and dreamy musings of their imagination. The artists have transformed their words into art. Dreame connects between the dreamers and artists and prints each customised artwork on multiple surfaces including yoga mats, phone cases and framed prints. 

Inspire art. Create art. Hold art.

Dreame is a visual representation of our personality & passions; inspiring ourselves daily with our dreams. Now we can decorate our daily accessories with our passions, inspirations and stories. 

Dreame is a one of a kind artwork for a one of a kind individual; ourselves or a loved one. 

Dreame is a new genre of art. Co-created around the world. Inspiration comes in all sorts. It is changing the way art was once commissioned. In the 17th century, commissioning of art was limited to portraits. Kings and queens were posing on their luxurious chairs next to their beautiful libraries. Today anyone can commission an artist with any source of inspiration such as a quote, song lyric, memory, vision, bucket list, emotion, REM dream and more

Let’s explore the depths of our imaginations since expressing our true selves is the true source to catharsis, happiness and soulfulness. 

Omri Baumer,

I love my Dreame I-phone case. I wanted something to symbolise me travelling and helping others innovate. I am flying on a paper plane. It's unique, with me all the time and a great conversation starter.

Anna Morgan, BRooklyn

Dreame is my go-to gift for friends and family.  I co-created a stunning art piece with Cheng Chen in China for my boyfriend and one with Giovanni in Curacao, Caribbean for my mum that moved her to tears! I have also gifted myself a few Dreames... the latest being my 30 goals for my 30th birthday.

Danny Gaynor, Portland

Dreame is phenomenal. I commissioned this killer custom piece because I: A) grow tomatoes B) like space and C) live in Oregon. Also a great gift opportunity.  

Co-Created Art:


Your Own Art Printed On Multiple Surfaces: