Dream lists

Your list of personal & professional goals turned into small individual illustrations as a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish. 

WHy Now:

It is 2019. Our physical and mental strength is becoming increasingly intertwined with our self-connection, self-growth and mindfulness. 

How many times in the last year have you told yourself I will go there or I will stop this or I will spend more time with or I will travel to or I will create this. We have our daily routines and are struggling to motivate ourselves to make the changes and personal developments we desire.

The Dream Lists are a personal tool that help articulate our ambitions and a gift to motivate you and your co-workers! Dreamlist creators tend to accomplish 90% of their goals within 10 months of receiving their beautiful visualisations. You can send us personal and professional goals to be transformed into a visual and daily reminder.

"We have all of these distractions in life that it’s so easy to get sidetracked. From social media to in-person socializing, over-indulgence in television, and everything in between, it’s quite easy to veer off track. But it’s important to stay on course, keep motivated and enrich yourself with a daily dose of inspiration".

Harvard MBA Study

How it works:


Tal Artworks.jpg
This was not only a fun experience but a beautiful outcome. Dreame Lists are the new vision boards. I’ve accomplished most of my goals for the year thanks to the daily reminder - dreams come true.
— Tal Nimrodi
“I was sent the Dream List Experience gift voucher. I sent in my ultimate bucket list. Brian, one of Dreame’s artists in Northern Ireland explored my wishes and created a micro illustration for each of them. He listened to my favorite songs, incorporated my favorite colours and 10 days later I received this amazing piece.” 
— Anna Phillips


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