A beautiful portrait of your life: A twist to lists

Want to recommit to your goals and dreams?  A Dream List is a way to be reminded of your commitment all year long. You can send us personal and professional goals, for yourself, a loved one, or your entire team and we will interpret them into art that can be carried throughout your daily life. 

For example a word you want to say more of, an item you want to wear (clothes or accessory), someone you want to spend more time with, a place you want to visit, an activity you would like to do more of, something you would like to feel more....

The ultimate gift for your team

"I was sent the Dream List Experience gift voucher. I sent in my goals for my 30th birthday. My ultimate bucket list. Brian, one of Dreame's artists in Northern Ireland explored my wishes and created a micro illustration for each of them. He listened to my favorite songs, incorporated my favorite colors and 10 days later I received this amazing piece." 

This was not only a fun experience but a beautiful outcome. Dreame Lists are the new vision boards. I’ve accomplished most of my goals for the year thanks to the daily reminder - dreams come true.
— Tal, Owner of Rusty's Nuts, Tel Aviv

Dream Lists are a supportive and positive way to begin the new year! Dream List dreamers tend to accomplish 80% of their goals within 4 months of receiving their arty products.  They are art to inspire and encourage; arriving as prints or phone cases for you to glance at every day.

Let our artists turn your Dream List into beautiful illustrations by sending us dreams together with a photo of yourself and the name of your favorite song.  For yourself, friend or family.  Message us below with this information to get started. 


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