How do you imagine the future of your company?

Turn your company's vision into art. Imagine your values and goals transformed into a masterpiece for your office, team and partners. 

You are the inventors of your future. Create with one of Dreame’s artists a personalised and motivating artwork for your company. With your team, some colleagues or alone. 


Albert Einstein says imagination is more important than knowledge. Why not incorporate your company’s imagination into the decor of your offices? Give yourself and your team an opportunity to collectively fantasise about the future. It is fun, collective and has a beautiful rewarding.

Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that art in the workplace reduces stress levels, ensures employees are happier, healthier and 32% more productive. Multiple studies have also discovered that employees involved in the decoration of their office are much more motivated.


We create trigger questions to help you formulate your vision.  The answers & vision can be answered by one person or many.

  1. ONLINE OPTION: Answer questions on a customised form about your company’s values, goals and future plans
    Three weeks later, you receive the artwork digitally and on additional surfaces of your choice including prints, yoga mats & journals.

    We provide interactive workshops with A guided meditation taking each person to the future of the company, Q & A for groups and our artists creating in real time on screens.

The company’s vision turned into art can be utilised as a great holiday gift for all your investors, partners, journalists and team. Printed on multiple surfaces: Art print for office, yoga mats, journals and more.

I loved the process and am looking forward for the next time!
Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University

WeWork Vision Turned Into Art  

 wEwork's VISION

"We have offices around the world and are the largest community for start ups and companies. People are connecting from around the world. People are entering a building in each city but are all connected. So almost one moment in London, and then in Tel Aviv. There are no separate buildings. Circles of life are what come to mind. There is no time difference nor boundaries.

I love Dreame. It was fun to envision the future of WeWork and receive the beautiful outcome.
— Ronnie Ceder, General Manager, WeWork Israel

Google Vision Turned Into Art

Seeing is believing. Once you see your goal on a piece of paper lively and with lots of colour, it can truly make you believe that you can touch and reach your goals.
— Michal Waltner, Campus Tel Aviv Google For Entrepreneurs


Google’s Team of Google For Entrepreneurs answered Dreame’s vision guide. Some questions included dreams for 10 years from today. The team envisioned Campuses circling around the globe, connecting us to cities on every continent. Everywhere we go, we see people working hard, helping each other, having big and crazy ideas, and changing the world.

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